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The first day of the tasters there were some new people came to see what we are all about at Loop Theatre. Some of them came from Enable, and were all good fun. Some of them came from Riddrie too and were also good fun. We did some name games, and me and my sister Marion made some new friends. Their names were Andrew, Joanne, Scot, Dennis, Margaret, Jack, Mary and also Ryan, Rachel, Mharie, And William, Laura and Janine who taught the session. There were also some new Volunteers there names were Cit and Yvonne.

-Written By Katie


Blog 2


The second day of the tasters we also done some more games which were new. One of these was a Number game which was new where we changed the numbers 1 to 5 to movements and did it in partners. We split into two groups and did some acting and some more games. Marion my sister said she liked it very much and thought it was good fun. I also liked it very much too, and it was also good fun to do new things.

Written by Katie


Blog 3

On The Third day of the Taster Sessions we all had fun things to do like the Name Games, acting out and sharing and we all done some other games and we all had fun. Some new people joined Loop and me and marion made even more friends. It was good to talk to them.

Written by Katie


Blog 4

On Saturday we had our 5th birthday party it was Loop Theaters 5th Birthday and we had a birthday party! We all had good fun. We played games and did some dancing too. Janine, Laura, Nicollette, Ryan, Rachel, Mharie, Chris, Harriett were all there and it was really good to see them. We all had great fun.

Written by Katie

Blog 5

Today I spoke about my first day at Loop Theatre and that when I was first in I was not sure about Loop Theatre. I was not confident to speak out but Laura and Janine helped me to get my confidence up,and if I did not join loop theatre I would not have  the confidence to speak out like I do now. When my big sister Marion first joined the Loop Theatre she was not sure either and a bit shy. When she met Laura and Janine they helped her to get her confidence up and she is getting so much better at being confident and is even getting out and about helping other people now. My sister says that’s the best thing about Loop Theatre. Being confident and helping other people.

Written By Katie

Blog 6

Yesterday we all were talking about the performers who are all doing our summer this year. We all worked hard for the Big Games (European Games 2018). We did some keep fit exercises and worked as a team which was good fun to do. The more I do it the more I get better at it and it makes me feel good inside and Im very happy to be around my best friends.


Written by Katie –

Blog 7

Today we all done some more games and more Keep Fit Excersises. It was good fun to do new things like this and I really like helping people out in the group. It is a good thing to do and It make me get more confident in front of other people. I am going to perform in front of people, i am getting better at speaking out in front of people and working with the public. I am ok around it now and it was fun to do it!


Written by Katie –


Blog 8

Today we all went outside to practice our performance for our summer show in August. We all did really well and Graham was very good. We did well and I said thank you Graham for the learning time. He is here for three days and it was good fun.

Written by Katie –


Blog 9

Today we all done some more games and we all done some teamwork exercises. It was good fun and our new start Jack is gaining confidence but still a bit shy. I was too when I joined Loop first. He will get there and I like being able to help him. We are working as a group. We all look out for each other. My job is to help them out and look out for them if they need any help with anything.

Written by Katie –


Blog 10

On this Monday afternoon I am going to Balornock Primary School to do the super hero cleaner act The Injustice League for the kids. We will all put on a wee show for the kids which is a bit different from the normal street theatre act. It will be good fun with the kids and I am looking forward to it!


Written by Katie –

Blog 11

Today we all went to the primary school to put on a wee show for the kids and we all had good fun. We were all superhero cleaners and all the kids joined in too. I would like to do another one some time at some other school. All the kids were very good today and all the kids joined in for a super hero clean!


Written by Katie –

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