Cinderella: The Search for the StoryTella

By order of his Majesty, the King of Pantoland, your attendence is commanded at St Enoch’s Shopping Centre Food Court/Princes Square Shopping Centre for an emergency Royal Assembly to discuss the whereabouts of the Prince Charming’s intended, one Cinderella of Pantoland!

Ms. Cinders has gone AWOL since her recent engagement to His Royal Highness, Prince Charming, leaving in her wake, a string of pouting selfies on Twitter and Instagram stating her ambition to move to the Merchant City to become an “Insta influencer” and YouTube star. Naturally, this news has caused the Royal Family deep distress, leaving His Majesty “pure scunnered”. All loyal subjects are requested to gather for a Pantoland spectacular, a cabaret of panto characters performing for your amusement, but more importantly to cheer up the King in these dark times, until Ms. Cinders decides to grace us with her presence.


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