Either Side of The Clyde

An exciting new 2 year project!

A brand new project funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthShine through The Health Lottery.

Over the next 2 years our program will explore storytelling and physical theatre ending in a schools tour of the work we will produce. Starting with stories of rivers the project will explore divisions and communities. while being open to everyone.

Our project began in April with a fantastic team of participants and volunteers from across Glasgow working with the Loop team in Partick Burgh Halls.

We are always keen to here from anyone interested, if so, use the form below!

Please note that while the program may be full you can ask to be considered for the waiting list or future projects!

    People’s Health Trust is an independent charity
    addressing health inequalities across Great Britain. It
    works closely with each of the 51 society lotteries and
    makes grants using money raised by the society lotteriesthrough The Health Lottery.

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