Online Workshops! EXTENDED!! – 5 Days a Week!

Brand new online workshops for all!

Through 2020, we were working on three online classes, we are able to extend this programme and offer another 4 additional weeks PLUS 2 more additional classes! The Loop team will continue exploring space, creativity, relationships, fitness and voice.

Each class runs from 1pm-2.45pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays where we play, dance and

connect for more information email ellie.looptheatre@gmail,com.

Thank you to our funders at Glasgow City Council, Area Partnerships for their continued support.

Mondays THE DRAMA SPACE with Laura & Amy

Sometimes we take for granted the environment that we are in, we are here to help you realise the wonders that exist within your own home.
In the drama space we will be exploring our personal environments and finding different methods to create fun and exciting improvisation. Come with us on a journey of exploration without ever leaving your own room we will be encouraging imagination improvisation and finding the play.


Tuesday FUNKY FITNESS with Janine

A NEW addition to our weekly classes. Get movin’, get groovin’ with our Janine! We’ll be learning new dance moves and revisiting some old ones. Get into your comfy clothes and bring some water along as we focus on physical fitness.


Wednesdays CREATIVE CAPERS with Janine and William

An imaginative journey through all things physical theatre, exploring movement, storytelling, puppetry and play. We will discover the joy of creating theatre with our imagination, our moves and perhaps whatever we find lying around the house! Anything is possible and fun will most certainly be had!




Thursdays SING & SHOUT with Amy

Our Amy will be delivering Sing & Shout to you from Thursday, the 4th of February. What is Sing & Shout all about? Just log on and find out! Non-singers very welcome as you will be doing this from the comfort of your own home.


Fridays, YOU, ME & US with Amy & Tom

Come and join this friendly and informal Friday session. There will be games, improvisation, conversation, fun and dancing!
We will ask: How do we connect with the people in our lives? Our family, friends, significant others, colleagues, neighbours and even strangers. And, most important of all, what is our relationship with ourselves?

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