The Anti-Apathy Ambassadors

The Anti-Apathy Ambassadors have landed!

“After a planetary epidemic on Apathermia our ambassadors were down in the doldrums and had had enough. That is until they discovered a Golden Disc from a far away planet ( thank-you NASA!) and began a journey to find the source of the funky culture that had given them a new lease on life. Hurtling through space since 1979 they listened to Disco, watched Jane Fonda and motivated themselves to the point of peppy perfection.”

This summer Loop Theatre presented our newest street theatre act to Glasgow and it was received with open arms! Our Ambassadors kept the crowds energised and explored the city during the European Championships! The Ambassadors spread their joy through disco, jazzersize and engaging in their new planetary party.

Original Performance Directed by Graham Hicks and devised and by our Performing Company.

Get in touch if you would like to see the Ambassadors at your event!

Commissioned by Merchant City Festival and performed as part of the Festival 18 Programme.



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