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Common Grounded

A Project for Young People exploring Community

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Moving Memories

Celebrating the Working Lives of Older People

Loop Theatre is proud to present a sharing of a work in progress celebrating and exploring the working lives of older people in Glasgow. Devised as a response to the stories and physical memories contributed by interview and at our community workshops

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The Anti-Apathy Ambassadors

The Anti-Apathy Ambassadors have landed!

Helping the Human Race to Affectionately, Amusingly and Awesomely Actualize their Abilities. Hearing the Disco/jazzercise call across the galaxy our extra-terrestrial ambassadors will enhance your attitude and ambition by drawing on their immense knowledge of all things 1980 (Its taken a while to get here).

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Game’s A Bogey

We at the Professional Institute of Potential shall be watching you! Let the games begin!

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Either Side of The Clyde

An exciting new 2 year project!

Starting with stories of rivers the project will explore divisions and communities.

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Loop Performance Company

Performance company

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Monthly workshops

Workshops in various specialisms

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School involvement

Loop has worked with a variety of schools thourghout scotland.

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Community work

Loop has worked in a variety of communities throughout Scotland

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The Injustice League

Come help these super hero cleaners fight crime and grime.
No injustice or unclean surface will be left untouched

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Changes in the Mirror

A response Jaqueline Donachie’s work “Deep in the Heart of Your Brain

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‘Harry has been attending loop for several years.

It’s a wonderfully energetic, talented group of artists who are positive, encouraging and accepting of Harriet.

At Loop, Harriet doesn’t need to conform or try to fit in. She’s fully accepted for who she is and is motivated by the attitudes of those she works with.’

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