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My life with Loop Theatre story by Rachel Savage

I first knew about Loop Theatre when I when I was looking for another theatre company to join my mum started looking and she found Loop Theatre.  I told her that I knew about Loop Theatre when I met Laura at John Whitely College. My mum said why not go and see what it is like, so I did, my dad dropped me of and I met the other staff members of Loop Theatre and other people that went, they were all really friendly. The class was really mad and funny I really enjoyed myself so, I went back every Saturday my dad would drop me of until I started to get the x19. I joined Loop Theatre at age 25 I have done 5 shows with them, the first one I did was called “Games a Bogey“, the second one was the “Either Side of the Clyde“, third one was  a Christmas cabaret, forth one was the “Injustice League“. The fifth one was  a Christmas panto called “Cinderella, the Search for the Storytella” where I worked with Janine, we both were Buttons. I do drama classes with Loop Theatre on zoom just now I do one on a Saturday one, on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday every class is really fun and bonkers! I love being with everyone at Loop Theatre they have helped me build up my confidence a lot. I wrote a panto ages ago that I have updated I hope to perform it with Loop Theatre one day.

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