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My life with Loop Theatre story by Rachel Savage

I first knew about Loop Theatre when I when I was looking for another theatre company to join my mum started looking and she found Loop Theatre.  I told her that I knew about Loop Theatre when I met Laura at John Whitely College. My mum said why not go and see what it is like, so I did, my dad dropped me of and I met the other staff members of Loop Theatre and other people that went, they were all really friendly. The class was really mad and funny I really enjoyed myself so, I went back every Saturday my dad would drop me of until I started to get the x19. I joined Loop Theatre at age 25 I have done 5 shows with them, the first one I did was called “Games a Bogey“, the second one was the “Either Side of the Clyde“, third one was  a Christmas cabaret, forth one was the “Injustice League“. The fifth one was  a Christmas panto called “Cinderella, the Search for the Storytella” where I worked with Janine, we both were Buttons. I do drama classes with Loop Theatre on zoom just now I do one on a Saturday one, on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday every class is really fun and bonkers! I love being with everyone at Loop Theatre they have helped me build up my confidence a lot. I wrote a panto ages ago that I have updated I hope to perform it with Loop Theatre one day.

My Forest School Blog by Rachel Savage

On the 12th of June Loop Theatre Met at Kelvin College then we all went to the Forest School where we met Jemma. We first came up with animals that went with our names. We learned about the different animals then we did the bungalow and went looking for different kinds of leaves. Katie and Janine spotted some fern leaves.  Janine said she couldn’t pick them up because it is her ancestors’ second name. We spotted some other leaves and Janine said “I’m not picking those leaves up either because they might be stinging nettles.” Katie said to Janine “why not pick them up and see”?  Janine then said to Katie, “You just want me to pick them up so I’ll get stung. You are mean.”

We headed back to base then we played leaf snap and put all the leaves together.  We then toasted marshmallows and had a chocolate covered strawberry and some hot chocolate. I went on one of the hammocks to overcome my fear of heights. We learned about different things at the Forest School including animals, leaves and trees.

Laura was talking about doing a show there but Janine and Ellie were talking to each other.  Laura looked over at the two of them and I said “Honestly some people!!!.”   Laura went back to talking about doing a show but Janine was still talking to Ellie.  Laura looked over at Janine again and I repeated what I had said.  Laura finally got to talk about the show and we then said good bye to Jemma and headed back to Kelvin College

It was a great few hours and we are going back soon.

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