What we do

Creativity ~ Inclusion ~ Joy

Loop Theatre breaks down barriers for individuals with learning disabilities by creating an environment where anyone with additional support needs can learn, create and perform together, and share their contributions with the wider artistic community.

We connect and invest in people who cannot ordinarily access performing arts to establish and develop trust within a joyful setting. Loop fosters self-reliance in its participants, greater belief in their self-expression and greater engagement with themselves and others. Members of our company have progressed into full time employment and all have benefited from the certainty that they have something valuable and unique to give.

Loop Theatre Company is a collective of multi-skilled artists, encompassing drama, dance, movement, circus, visual arts, music and technical theatre. As a result we can offer a tailor-made service for centres and schools. Currently we offer: weekly drama classes, 6 days a week online.

Injustice League, 2017
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